Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Managing 2 jobs

Hopefully this post will help explain my current hectic lifestyle. My first full-time job with Surrey fire brigade is a great job for an athlete. It pays the mortgage a lot easier than trying to explain to bank manager that my injury will be better by next month and I reckon I might make some prize money to pay Northern Rock! My watch at Egham are very supportive and when our days work was done today, my boss (Roy) let me get in the gym for the last hour of the day to do my physio exercises and weights session. An hours bike session at 7am this morning before work started the day, including 40*15 second big gear efforts to build strength, second session was in the gym at work. In order to earn time off for a pre Hawaii 2 week altitude training camp, I am very lucky to be able to work additional shifts to take off later in the year, so I took advantage of doing an extra night shift tonight (this was how I managed to take a month off in March for my Saipan trip). In order to have my compulsory hour break (fire brigade rules!), a colleague (Gerry) works for me at 6pm while I rush to the pool and do my aerobic swim set 25*100's off 1:45, then straight back on duty. This good will and appreciation of my efforts by my colleagues is vital and I'm so lucky to have it. So here I am at 10:50pm on a night shift at work, in order to take time off in October. Tim Don doesn't have to do this!! My day since waking 3 hours training, 14 hours at work (inc my break) and not much else. I can't wait until tomorrow when I'm off all during the day and can do a long bike ride and sleep a bit. Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but it does wear me down trying to train up to 5 hours a day around a full time job. In 2009 I have been granted a sabatical year where I can be a full time athlete for 12 months. I'll be 35, which is roughly the same age Nicolas Lebrun, Hamish Carter, Ned Overend and others have won the Xterra worlds, hopefully I won't be past it by then?!