Monday, 8 September 2008

Xterra Austria and Japan

Hi guys.

You might have already seen the news on given the ammount of emails and facebook messages I seem to have recieved. Good news travels fast, especially when I have only spoke to one person in the UK since the race, cheers Mrs Dibens!

I WON my first Xterra world cup this weekend in Japan! Known as the the most technical Xterra course on the plannet, and made even more technical by the torrential rain in the previous few days, they almost shortened the bike because it would have been dangerous. At the last minute they decided to run the whole course, and i am very glad they did. I had the best swim of my life, knowing that one of my main competitors would be an ex Japanese mountain bike champion and team mate to british olympian Liam Killeen. I exited the water in 3rd position and with a swift transition I was in the lead at the start of the bike. With the chance of a clear track I attacked the good old British muddy conditions. In a day where I could do little wrong I had a great bike leg and built up a comfortable lead. I lost a little time on the hard jungle run but still crossed the line with a few minutes lead.

The womens race was won by Rennata Bucher of Switzerland. My poor Japanese prevents me from finding the full results on the website unfortunately. Taro the organiser has been fantastic in organising our trip, with collections from the airport, transfers to the race 4 hours away, putting us up in the poshest hotel room in the fabulous race hotel )with volcanic spa). Far too many free beer tokens too! Thanks for all the help.

Almost pailing into insignificance now is last weekends Xterra Austria result where I finished 10th. This means a top 10 at every European race and 7th currently in the series. Given that I am having to miss the final French race I might well drop a place or two, but it has been a consistent strong campaign on the European front this year.

The day after I fly home next weekend I am doing the Mens Fitness Rough Track off road triathon at 12:30pm near Windsor. I have then got a few weeks off before the US champs in Tahoe on 6th Oct and the World Champs in Maui on the 27th Oct.

My Cannondale Taurine was fantastic as usual (with USE bits), Schwalbe Nobby Nic tyres worked great in the mud, Sundog eye wear kept the muck from my eyes until they got too caked and I lost yet another pair on a descent (sorry Barney!). Maximuscle kept me well fuelled. Montrail running shoes meant grip all the way round the rocky, rooty run. Thanks to these guys and everyone else for the support.