Friday, 1 June 2007

Racing again

Sorry for the delay in posting again. Things are looking up. My 100m rep swim time has come down by 4 seconds in the last couple of weeks, which is equivalent to a minute over 1500m, which I am very pleased with. If it carries on improving like this I might even do some elite drafting races if i'm going to make it out in one of the packs. I have just returned from the long bank holiday weekend spent in the Belgium Ardennes. It was a fantastic trip, open water swimming in the rivers, riding some of the Liege-Bastogne-Liege cycle route climbs. Some fantastic mountain biking and also a ride out into Luxembourg on a Tandem. Great food, a few cheeky belgium beers, good time all round. Tomorrow I am doing the 3rd round of the Mountain bike national points series in Margam park in Wales. This wil be a good tester, not having raced for 2 months, and will give me an idea of my form with the up coming Mountain Mayhem 24hr race and the Mountain bike National Champs. I was disapointed to not race the European Xterra champs in Italy last weekend, but the good news is my knee seems to be healing, my new orthotics have been made and fitted to my shoes. I have been told I can run again from next Monday. This gives me 12 weeks of running before the August European Xterra events, which should be enough to get fast again. Keep an eye on my site for details of the official Xterra UK training camp which will be a great chance to ride swim, bike and run on the actual courses to bew used in the race. All is on track, more news to follow soon. Sammy G.

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