Thursday, 18 October 2007

Tahoe US champs and Maui world champs

Sorry for no posts for ages. I am in the middle of a 7 week adventure tour stateside. The first race was the US champs in Tahoe, I've never raced at altitude before and don't want to again without better preperation!! All the athletes ahead of me either lived at altitude or spent 3 weeks or more there before the race. Basically i struggled round the race, all 3 disciplines i felt like i couldn't breath. The following weekend I went to Canada for my cousins wedding, had a really good week, drunk too much and hardly trained at all! I really needed this to clear my head before my Hawaii build up.
I am writing this from Maui currently, been training really hard. Great to have Julie Dibens here too currently as it's easier to drag myself out to the pool with her nagging at me!! 10 days until the race and all is looking good. Then i'm looking forward to a rest for a few weeks. Congrats to Chrissie Wellington on her Ironman result, great stuff. Off to enjoy the last couple of hours of sun. Sam

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