Monday, 22 June 2009

Mountain Mayhem 24 hr team MTB race 2nd

Mountain Mayhem is the biggest prize purse on the UK Mountain bike calendar and is the biggest Mountain bike event in the world.

In various teams we have tried to pocket the cash in the 12 years it has been running. Eventually managing 1st place in 2006 with the Elite Mixed team of Julie Dibens, Jody Crawforth, Jamie Newall and myself.

This year we had a near identical team but with Dave Collins stepping in for Jamie Newall and we were riding under the USE Exposure lights banner with great help from them. Our main opposition was always going to be the Scott team, also on Exposure lights.

The first lap starts with a 1km run, followed by the bike lap, with my triathlon background it was me that started off the race. Finishing the run in 5th I was pleased to be back on the bike. I got into the lead fairly comfortably and had a 45 second lead finishing the lap.

However this was as good as it got, Scott got back to us on the next lap and we traded the lead for the next 4 hours, eventually they drew slightly ahead and never let up. They rode a stong race and deserved to win. Eventually completing 34 laps to our 33.

It was another 2nd place to add to the list, but a great team effort by the riders, mechanics and support crew. Especially Susan, giving out time gaps and getting us out on our bikes at 2am.

Maximuscle energy and recovery drinks kept us going which was invaluble. Obviously USE lights, seatposts and other equipment was used. Used both my Cannondale bikes and they were great as ever.

Next race Xterra Czech on Sat, watch this space.

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