Sunday, 12 September 2010

Xterra Switzerland (did not start)

Basically I've been ill since before Vitruvian 1/2 Ironman last weekend.

It's been 10 days now and I'm getting pretty bored of it to be honest! I felt a bit more human and energetic on Weds last week and decided to do The F3 events, Weds night race round Dorney lake which was also the Berkshire Tri Squad club champs, which I'd never managed to race before. I won the race, but felt awfull and really struggled in all disciplines.

Since then my health has not improved any more, I took the trip to Switzerland for the European series final, but on the morning of race day I still felt totally bunged up with cold and couldn't race. It was interesting and fun spectating with my wife and seeing the race from the other side of the fence, and getting very sunburnt in the process!

I'll be seeing a doctor tomorrow now as it's obviously a really deep chest infection I've got and it's taking ages to shift.

Six weeks to go until the world champs in Maui and from all looking good last week with 3 good training weeks and 3rd in the Vitruvian, it's suddenly feeling like an effort to walk up stairs, let alone do exercise.

If things improve, I'll be doing the Men's Fitness Rough Track tri next weekend, which is a good event and I always try to support it. However I'll be having to train through it to make up for lost time.

Oh well, fingers crossed another Lemsip and hope I feel better tomorrow.

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