Saturday, 21 April 2007

Fresh Start Monday

What's been in the press of my year so far has been really positive. However, if the truth be known since Saipan and Guam things have been less than great. On return to the UK I had a lot of extra shifts to catch up on at work, which left me tired on top of the jet lag. I then got a chest infection, missed a week of training, started back too soon, and got ill again. On top of this is have been trying to clear up some nagging patella tendonitis on my right knee. In the end I quit training for the last week to work on decorating my house, which was yet another niggling 'to do' stopping me from training properly. Moral hit rock bottom, to the point of almost tears! I need to rule a line under this 3 week period and Monday is the day!! Chatting to Richard Stannard at his birthday BBQ, we decided this and the following day filmed my swim stroke under water for the big swim push. On Monday I am collecting my posh new Cannondale System6 bike, starting work with my new swim coach Howard Vine. Motivation is coming back, health is improving and my buddy Clayton Payne will be back training after his Atum22 launch on Tuesday. The training group of Richard, Clayton and myself will be once again be reunited and back on track! I am thinking of missing the European champs now in Italy because I don't think i will be back to fullform, decision to be made in 3 weeks time. Signing out, Sammy G.

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